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The initial impetus for the concept "FlussKlang:RiverSound" developed by Karl-Heinz Blomann was provided by the major ecological construction venture for conversion of the Emscher river in the Ruhr area.

Taking as a departure point the renewal of the Emscher river (see project background), radio productions addressing themes such as “water”, “renaturation”, “ecology and technology” or “consequences for the local residents” are to be produced in the context of two-week residencies. International sound artists, composers, makers of radio plays and sound designers are to be invited to artistically confront the transformation of the Emscher Valley. In cooperation with artists from the area, ideas are to be developed, audio material collected and sound projects realized.

Those involved will spend at least one week in the region and gather experience on different levels, with different topics and approaches, of the Emscher and its transformation into a clean river, of the people who live there, of the region and its history, and of the technology both in terms of possibilities and limitations. In this time, concepts are to be formulated, original audio recordings made and the further course of production planned. In this process, the invited artists can make use of materials and cultural activities which were initiated some time ago in the context of the reconstruction work in the region (for example

In the course of these residencies, a variety of audio productions with a maximum length of 20 minutes each are to be realized, ranging from documentaries and original sound collages to works of acoustic art. Soundscapes, surround productions, collective radio plays, children’s radio broadcasts and installations are all possibilities. The projects are to be implemented in cooperation with radio stations.

The idea of “FlussKlang:RiverSound” has already been presented at the meeting of the EBU Ars Acustica Group (European Broadcasting Union) in Stockholm and Paris.

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