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Michael Rodach (D)

Michael Rodach (*1957) works as a composer and guitarist in Berlin. He studied classical music at the Hochschule für Musik in Karlsruhe, and jazz at Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has been composing for twenty years, above all for dance theatre, films and radio plays. He has worked with directors and choreographers including Dieter Heitkamp, Claudia Feest, Gayle Tufts, Martha Mason, Helge Musial, Jürgen Zielinski, Calvan Cole, Roberto Galvan, Lutz Gregor, Helga Reidemeister, Nikos Liguris, Ulla Kösterke, Beate Ziegs, Ulrike Brinkmann and Jörg Moser.

As a guitarist, he has played in numerous studio and live productions, together with such artists as Teo Macero, Bob Moses, David Moss, Paolo Moura, Tiger Okoshi, Kevin Coyne and Georgette Dee.

Michael Rodach is currently engaged as a guitarist at the Berliner Ensemble in Shakespeare’s “A Winter’s Tale” (directed by Robert Wilson).


Jon Rose (AU)

Violinist Jon Rose (*1951) has been living in Australia since 1976. Rose calls one of his projects “The Relative Violin”. This is concerned with the development of a “total art form” on the basis of this special instrument, which he has deconstructed again and again and reconstructed as – in some cases highly bizarre – new instruments. In that context, apart from numerous innovations in instrument making, he has developed new ways of playing, also drawing upon analogue and interactive electronics. He plays in various environments: on the central reservation of a motorway, next to a railway track, in an empty shopping centre or underneath a corrugated iron roof during a thunderstorm.

Jon Rose gives numerous concerts internationally each year, either alone or with his group, performs at festivals and has worked with many exponents of the contemporary music scene such as Shelley Hirsh, Alvin Curran, Phil Minton, David Moss and Lauren Newton. Together with his numerous live appearances, he also makes use of the opportunities afforded by radio and the visual media. He has created pieces for programmes on ABC, BBC, WDR, SR, BR, Radio France, RAI, ORF and SFB, among others.


Karl-Heinz Blomann (D)

Born in Wanne-Eickel in 1955, he has worked as a musician, composer and producer for new, experimental and film music since 1973. In 1983, he founded the music business "AufRuhr Records". He has published together with various artists and toured with mit PÖHL MUSIK through South America and Europe and to the Next Wave Festival in New York in 1989. He has created numerous radio play productions, theatre and fim music, winning the DGB Kulturpreis in 1989 for "Klangskulpturen", and worked in various contexts with innovative approaches to topics such as art and technology, mankind and machines, and urban sound spaces. He is the artistic director of the "open systems" festival.

Projects (selection): CD "Klangräume" 1991, "Mécanique Mon Amour" 1993, Book "Hören eine vernachlässigte Kunst" with CD "Vom Aufstand des Ohrs" 1996, CD-ROM "Aspects of Law and Order" 1997. Première of "Chase" by the Wolpe-Trio at "open systems", Radio play "Kill Pop" with W. Thomczyk 2000. Television music for ZDF and arte 2001-2007. "ohne worte" Studio Akustische Kunst WDR 3. "gone-urban flashback" 2003, "headlines","salon moz::ART", "Two Soldiers" 2004. Audio archive 2005. Radio play "Der dritte Hammerschlag" WDR 3 Studio Akustische Kunst 2006.


The organization and project management are performed by open systems e.V. in close consultation with the radio stations involved and the Emschergenossenschaft.

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