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the artists

karl-heinz blomann

(*1955) lives in Essen and Berlin.
Musician, composer and producer for new, experimental and film music in 1983, he founded the label “AufRuhr Records”. He has published together with various artists and toured with PÖHL MUSIK through South America and Europe and to the Next Wave Festival in New York in 1989. He has created numerous radio play productions, theatre and film music, winning the DGB Kulturpreis in 1989 for “Klangskulpturen”, and worked in various contexts with innovative approaches to topics such as art and technology, mankind and machines, and urban sound spaces. He is the artistic director of open systems (festival/projects) since 1997.

Projects (selection): CD “Klangräume” 1991, “Mécanique Mon Amour” 1993, Book “Hören eine vernachlässigte Kunst” with CD “Vom Aufstand des Ohrs” 1996, CD-ROM “Aspects of Law and Order” 1997. Première of “Chase” 2000. Television music for ZDF and arte. “ohne worte” Studio Akustische Kunst WDR 3. “gone-urban flashback” 2003, “headlines” 2004, “salon moz::ART” 2004, “Two Soldiers” 2004. “Der dritte Hammerschlag” Studio Akustische Kunst, WDR 3 2006. Project UPGRADE 2006/2008/2010 Development of the media archive since 2005. Project FlussKlang:RiverSound 2008/2010.

thomas gerwin

(*1955) lives in Berlin. He is a classically trained musician and composer. Gerwin came to electro-acoustic music at a very early stage, and has also been intensively involved with soundscape composition and radiophonic art since 1990. At his Berlin studio, he composes and directs freelance, mainly for concerts and radio, creating sound installations and experimental multimedia environments. He repeatedly draws upon new media, theatre, dance, film and sculpture as means of expression in his spatial sound works.

His works are performed worldwide and have won several awards (including the Karl Sczuka Prize in 1999, a visiting artist’s scholarship to Sydney in 2002, the Radio Play Award of the Berlin Academy of Arts for the music to “Ponderabilien” by Stephan Krass in 2007, and the Berlin Senate’s Acoustic Art Scholarship for directing and composing Ror Wolf’s “Raoul Tranchirers Bemerkungen über die Stille” in 2008).

In 2001, Thomas Gerwin founded the Society for Multisensorial Arts, in 2002 the Berlin Loudspeaker Orchestra, in 2003 the “KlangWelten” (SoundWorlds) series of concerts, in which he interprets international acoustic art and experimental sound plays in concentrated darkness on a small loudspeaker orchestra, and in 2005 the International Sound Art Festival, whose artistic director he is. In 2006, he became Chairman of the Berliner Gesellschaft für neue Musik (the regional association of the German Society for New Music).

gilles aubry

(*1973 in Delémont, Switzerland) has been living and working as a mucisian and sound artist in Berlin since 2002. He trained as a saxophonist at the Swiss Jazz School in Berne and then studied composition and electronic music at the Studio for Advanced Music & Media Technology in Linz.
His works range from sound installations through rock concerts to radio performances and improvised music.

For his productions, which predominantly relate to habitats, he uses field recordings, computer programming, surround sound and improvisation.
Gilles Aubry is involved in numerous collaborative ventures with international artists throughout Europe, in the USA, Russia, Asia, Australia and the Near East. In 2007, he received an award from the Prix Phonurgia festival for his audio piece “Berlin Backyards”. He is also the initiator of the Sound Implant label and network.