artists address
the transformation
of the
Emscher Valley

<< 2008


open systems e.V.
Festival for contemporary music, performance and sound art
Rüttenscheider Straße 166

45131 Essen

Responsible for contents
open systems e.V.
Festival for contemporary music, performance and sound art
Chairman: Karl-Heinz Blomann

Concept and artistic direction: Karl-Heinz Blomann

Project coordination: open systems e.V.

Camera and film editing: Stefan Fendrich, Patrick Praschma

Sound recordings: Gilles Aubry, Karl-Heinz Blomann, Thomas Gerwin, Sven Nowoczyn

Studio recordings: studio b music GmbH

Additional audio material:
Translation: Keith Lunn
Editor: Ulrike Kaßler

Graphics: eignart Dietmar Koch, Bochum


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