artists address
the transformation
of the
Emscher Valley

<< 2008


19. Juni 2010 // Pumpwerk Evinger Bach

RiverSound – a river becoming sound. The rush of the Emscher, the howl of the pumps, a voice from Dortmund-Hörde: With performances, sound installations, film clips and short concerts, the pumping station becomes a multimedia sound art space. 
Under the artistic direction of Karl-Heinz Blomann, the new RiverSound productions with Thomas Gerwin and Gilles Aubry, the guitar of Michael Rodach and the voice of Theo Bleckmann resound in the “cathedral of water”. The “Sound Sculptures” dance performance with Hyun-Jin Kim, the DJ2000 installation with Patrick Praschma and DJ “Gärtner der Lüste” present the pumping station artistically.